Sugar Loafer

I live in Ireland and make photographs and graphic images, mostly from Dublin and Wicklow subject matter. I have studied city & Guilds photography and my photographs have been shown in The Peachy Dublin Exhibition at The Temple Bar Gallery & Studios and at The End Of The Line Digital Art Show at Mabos in Dublin. I am also a featured artist on Swaponz mobile phone cases in the US.


I love photography that makes something out of nothing; often captured in what seems an insignificant moment. I’m inspired by any images that reveal a twist on a subject and inspire people to look again. Many of my images start with a photograph just taken instinctively. During editing I like how an image reveals and often becomes a new idea.


Photographers I enjoy include Mathias Heiderich; Chris Schoonover; Ernst Haas; Ansel Adams; Henri Cartier Bresson; Jerry Uelsmann; Eliott Erwitt; Shinzo Maeda; Robert Owerweg; Brandon Stanton; Martin Parr; Richard Mosse; Andreas Gursky; Aisha Zeijpveld,  Nick Turpin; Corey Arnold and Karine Laval.


© All Images Copyright Ruan McGloughlin